a2w2.net – between art and architecture

is a collaboration between architect Anke Wuenschmann and artist Achim Wollscheid. Founded in 2009 a2w2 are located in Frankfurt a.M.

a2w2.net explores interfaces –

between the architectural and the social, between media and infrastructure, between organizations and individuals.

Emphasis is on the practical – activities include architectural draft and construction, organisation of events, educational and artistic programs.

a2w2.net’s current project is the architekturMOBIL, a travelling system on wheels, composed of several parts that can combine as a box and unfold on site – as part of public space; re-interpreting it and creating a variety of spaces and situations allowing spectators to become participants in cross over situations and activities.

this project was followed by the MBx (mobile MuseumsBox), a room-tool, which can be used in different ways – also as a part of public space and – depending on the program – it works in terms of interaction with visitors or/and people passing by.

Damaschkeanger 112
60488 Frankfurt



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